How to make a homemade room freshener


Start by slicing each lemon into four segments, making sure not to cut all the way through. The goal is for the segments to remain attached at the base, creating a sort of open flower shape.

Place one lemon in each container, spreading the segments open like a blossom.

In the center of each lemon, add 3 tablespoons of coarse salt. The salt acts as an absorber of moisture and odors, enhancing the fragrance's longevity.

Next, pour 3 tablespoons of ethyl alcohol over the salt. The alcohol serves as a disinfectant and helps to distribute the scent.

Add a capful of concentrated fabric softener onto the lemon. This will infuse the air with a soft, clean scent.

For an optional touch, sprinkle some cloves over the top. Cloves not only add a warm, spicy aroma but also help to preserve the lemon, extending the life of your freshener.

Your homemade room freshener is now ready to use! Place the containers in any area of your home that could use a scent boost.

This recipe yields two containers of freshener, but feel free to adjust the quantities based on the size of your space or personal preference. The combination of lemon and cloves not only offers a sweet and refreshing fragrance but also brings a touch of nature into your home.

Embrace this simple DIY project and enjoy a home that smells as clean and fresh as it looks.