Do You Recognize These Vintage Home Decor Objects?


Do you remember when curtains served a purpose beyond mere window covering? Traditional drapery hooks, the unsung heroes of every curtain rod, were in vogue back then. Now that you know what these artifacts are, you may be asking why you should think about reintroducing them to your home decor scheme.

Drapery hooks are little, clever devices that have stood the test of time for hanging curtains. A hook and a prong are the two main parts of these. The hook struttingly fastens to the rings of your curtain rod, while the prong stealthily slides into the header of your curtain. Maintaining the elegant position of your curtains is like a dance between two dancers.

I think we can simplify things a little. In this case, the prong is the unsung hero; it's the one that gets the job done. In order to protect your curtain from flapping about in the wind, this little man attaches itself to the top section of it.

Alright, let's talk about the hook. Here is where your curtains will truly shine. It's the focal point, the one that elegantly suspends your drapes from your curtain rod rings like a Broadway star about to take the stage.

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