Classic Potato Candies

6 cups of sugar, plus more to taste
1/2 cup mashed and cooled russet potato (equivalent to approximately 1 big potato)
peanut butter, creamy 1/3 cup
1/4 cup of milk
1/8 teaspoon of vanillin
half a teaspoon of salt
The Traditional Method for Making Potato Candies : 
Combine the mashed potatoes, milk, vanilla extract, and salt in a large bowl. Use an electric mixer set at medium speed and beat for 2 minutes.
To make a dough, add powdered sugar in increments of 1 cup. If you find that you need extra after adding 6 cups, add additional tablespoons. The dough ought to be somewhat thicker than cookie dough, but not quite.
Roll out the dough and sprinkle with sugar powder. Using wax or parchment paper, lay out the dough into a rectangle that is 1/8 inch thick. Cut to 10 by 12-inches.
Before placing a second sheet of parchment paper over the dough, generously dust it with powdered sugar. After inverting the dough rectangle, remove the parchment paper that was used to roll out the dough and set it aside.
Evenly distribute the peanut butter over the dough. Using the parchment paper as a guide, tightly roll the dough from one long side to the other, just like a jelly roll. Freeze for 30 minutes after wrapping in paper. Slice into pieces that are 1/4 inch thick and then serve. Have fun! For best results, refrigerate any leftover candy in an airtight container.