Breakfast just got better. My family requests this weekly now!

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Sundays used to be a big deal for our family. Every morning, the aroma of freshly baked pancakes would waft through the kitchen. Still, I'll spill the beans: I found the key to feeding a large group of people without slaving over the stovetop: sheet pan pancakes. An adorable take on an old favorite, this recipe is from the Midwest and is a great example of how to be efficient with what we have. When you can bake a dozen pancakes to golden perfection at once, there's no need to stand and flip each one. Sheet Pan Pancakes are the perfect thing to make whether you want to have a family gathering or when you need a quick breakfast on the go since they encourage everyone to sit down and enjoy a meal together.
Add some apple butter or maple syrup made from trees in your backyard to these Sheet Pan Pancakes for a complete meal. If you're looking for a little salt with your sweet breakfast, try some crispy bacon or savory sausage links with the fluffy squares. To add a burst of freshness or a creamy contrast, try topping the pancakes with some grits or fresh sliced fruit.

Makes four to six pancakes.

Recipe Calls for: Three cups of all-purpose flour, two tablespoons of sugar, and three teaspoons of baking powder.

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