Washing machine, a small amount is enough: the laundry smells wonderful for days


For a laundry experience that leaves your clothes smelling fresh for days, a small amount is all you need. If store-bought fabric softener scents don't appeal to you, making your own laundry scent booster is a simple and effective solution. Here's how to do it.

Laundry machines often leave a strong, lingering scent on clothes from detergents or fabric softeners. These scents can sometimes be overwhelming, penetrating deep into the fabric fibers. For some, this is a nightmare due to allergic reactions or sensitivity to the overpowering smells, often caused by incorrect dosage. Moreover, many detergents and fabric softeners carry a chemical scent that can be unbearable, especially on bed linens. Fortunately, there's a wide range of fragrance-free, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic laundry products available. But what if you want to add a specific, yet mild scent to your laundry? The answer lies in using the right scent boosters.

Thanks to the popularity of hypoallergenic, bulk, and eco-friendly detergents that typically exclude fragrance additives, laundry scent boosters have become increasingly common. These products are added to the washing machine (and can be used for hand washing too), solely to impart a pleasant aroma to your clothes. There are many varieties and scents available, but you can also create your own at home for exceptional results.

Let's look at how to prepare a homemade laundry scent booster to add to your wash. You'll need just a few easy-to-find ingredients: coarse salt, baking soda, and one or more natural essential oils.

Creating a homemade laundry fragrance is simple and uses ingredients chosen for their excellent washing properties. Coarse salt works with the detergent to effectively remove stains, while baking soda offers disinfecting benefits.

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