There are 12 smart ways to keep mice and rats out of your home


Deploy used cat litter near suspected rodent nesting areas outside your home. The scent of cat urine naturally wards off rodents, simulating the presence of a predator.

Sealing Entry Points: Secure any potential entryways with robust materials like plaster of Paris, cement, steel wool, or copper mesh to prevent rodent access.

Ground Clove Barrier: Apply ground cloves near entry points, refreshing the application regularly to sustain its deterrent effect.

Dryer Sheets Repulsion: Place dryer sheets in rodent gathering spots. Their potent scent acts as a repellent.

Adopt a Cat: The presence of a cat, a natural predator, can significantly deter rodent activities within your home.

Safe Disposal of Deceased Rodents: Always wear gloves when handling dead rodents, encase the carcass in double-sealed bags, and dispose of it in an outside bin to avoid contamination.

Commitment to Consistency: Effective rodent control demands a persistent and diverse approach. Regularly applying a combination of these strategies will enhance your defense against rodent invasions.

By integrating these tactics, you can effectively minimize rodent presence, safeguarding your home from damage and health risks associated with these pests.