Stain remover soap made with hydrogen peroxide, the best there is



Start by finely grating the coconut soap to ensure it dissolves easily.

In a large pot or container, mix the grated soap with 2 liters of hot water, stirring continuously until the soap has completely dissolved and the mixture is homogenous.

Add the coconut-based detergent to the mixture and keep stirring until fully integrated.

Gradually incorporate the hydrogen peroxide, adding one bottle at a time and mixing thoroughly for at least 5 minutes after each addition. Allow the mixture to rest for about 6 hours; this resting period helps refine the consistency and effectiveness of the soap.


This stain remover soap is particularly suited for white fabrics, effectively brightening shirts, towels, sheets, and more without harsh chemicals. For best results:

Soak the white garments in the soap solution overnight.

The following day, transfer the clothes directly to the washing machine and launder as usual.


For garments that have taken on a yellowish hue, apply the stain remover soap and allow it to work its magic overnight. Proceed with your regular washing routine and witness the transformation. Repeat as necessary to maintain the pristine whiteness of your fabrics.

By following these steps and recommendations, you'll not only save money but also embrace a more eco-friendly approach to laundry care. This homemade stain remover soap promises to keep your whites bright and fresh, all while protecting the fabric's quality and longevity.