One simple yet effective method to naturally keep insects at bay.



Slice the Lemon and Lime: Begin by cutting the lemon and lime into halves or thick slices.

Insert Cloves: Press whole cloves into the cut sides of the lemon and lime slices. Ensure that the cloves are evenly distributed for maximum effectiveness.

Arrange for Use: Place the prepared lemon and lime slices in a bowl or on a plate in the areas where you want to repel insects. Alternatively, you can hang them in a breathable cloth or mesh bag.

Strategic Positioning: Set up these citrus slices in both outdoor and indoor areas where you often spend time and notice insect activity. The natural oils and scents from the lemon, lime, and cloves act as a deterrent to pests.

Regular Replacement: Since this method uses fresh, perishable items, remember to replace the slices every few days to keep the repellent effective.

This natural insect repellent not only keeps pests away but also adds a refreshing and pleasant fragrance to your surroundings. It's a chemical-free solution compared to conventional insect repellents, making it safer around children and pets. Additionally, this method adds a touch of visual appeal with its bright citrus hues and rustic charm.