If you have one of these plants in your house, take care of it, because you have a treasure and you don’t know it


african daisy

This plant with pinkish red flowers has a scientific name which is Osteospermum, and is very good for purifying the air. In addition, it is one of the best plants for removing toxic substances from the air. Among these substances, it eliminates trichlorethylene. That’s why many people place it at the entrance of their home.

One of the greatest virtues of this plant is that it can live without needing sunlight. For this reason it is ideal to place it inside the apartment without any problem. With this you will clean the air and improve the quality of your living environment.


This is another plant that can live without needing sunlight. It can purify the air within a radius of 50 meters. This type of plant loves humid air, so it is ideal for places where it rains a lot.

ribbon plant

This plant looks like a simple decorative plant. However, if you have one at home, you can have many advantages. Its small, long leaves are very effective in removing benzene or carbon monoxide from the environment. By having one in your home, you will purify the air as if you were in a natural field.


This is another plant that, in addition to improving air quality, helps scare away insects. By having it in your home you can eliminate mosquitoes, ants and other annoying insects. So put a chrysanthemum at home as soon as possible.

As you can see, these plants can be very useful in your daily life, both in the office and at home. Choose the one you like the most and let it do its thing.