How to Quickly Eliminate Bed Bugs, Cockroaches and Other Insects in Your Home


Wash Linens: Remove and wash all bed linens on a hot cycle, followed by drying on high heat. Ensure materials are cotton-based to avoid damage.

Mattress Treatment: Use a stiff brush to scrub your mattress, vacuum thoroughly, and cover with clean linens. In severe cases, you might need to dispose of the mattress properly.


Essential Oil Mixture: Combine clove, cinnamon, tea tree, or lavender essential oil with water and apply to furniture, beds, curtains, and other surfaces.

4. Ants

Effective Solutions:

Boric Acid and Sugar: Similar to cockroaches, this mixture attracts and eliminates ants. Place it in areas where ants are observed.

Natural Repellents: Cloves, coffee grounds, paprika, cinnamon, and peppermint effectively repel ants. Place these around entry points and food storage areas.

5. Fruit Flies

Elimination Method:

Cleaning: Regularly clean surfaces around fruit storage areas with warm water to remove residues that attract fruit flies.

When dealing with pests, always prioritize safety and consider the potential impact of remedies on children and pets in the household. For persistent or severe infestations, consulting with a professional exterminator who can offer safe and effective solutions is advisable.