How To Clean Your Sofa / Couch With Oxi Clean



  •  1 cup water
  •  Oxi-Clean scoop (to the “B” line)
  •  funnel
  •  spray bottle

how to clean a couch with OxiClean

Add the OxiClean to hot water (no need to heat it, just use the hottest setting from your faucet). Stir well to combine. Then pour it through a funnel into your spray bottle, add the nozzle, and then shake really well to further combine.

how to clean a couch with oxiclean spray

Spray your stained areas until they are wet but not completely saturated and allow to sit for 5 minutes.

Use a damp white cloth to wipe away the stain after the 5 minutes, and then follow up with a dry white cloth to remove excess stain treatment. Your stains should be a thing of the past!how to clean a couch with oxiclean after photos

This mixture that you have created is only effective for about 8 hours, so now is the time to go on a stain treating rampage all over anything upholstered in your house! I attacked our dining room chairs while I had this solution mixed up and they look so much better, too! You can take anything that’s left over in the solution and add it to your next load of laundry. Waste not, want not!

In the last week I have used our OxiClean Stain product to attack our outdoor furniture cushions, to remove set in stains in my girls’ clothing, and to get out a VERY stubborn “yellow” stain in a delicate white sweater that I missed before I put it away for the season last fall. I am very impressed with how well it works and with how useful the product is. I absolutely LOVE its versatility!

I hope this post on how to clean a couch helps you extend the life of your sofa a little bit longer. We may be in a season of our lives where we can’t have our dream couches, but that doesn’t mean we have to live with all those stains on them!