Gluten-Free Delight: 3-Ingredient Flourless and Sugar-Free Cookies in Just 5 Minutes!


3. Bake to Golden Perfection:

Bake in the preheated oven for 15-20 minutes, until the cookies are golden brown. Watch closely to avoid burning.

Enjoy Your Creations:

Once baked, you've earned a batch of irresistible gluten-free cookies that offer a healthier alternative to traditional treats. Their unique blend of flavors from sesame and pumpkin seeds, combined with the natural sweetness of banana, makes these cookies a perfect snack for any health-conscious or dietary-restricted individual.

Customization and Storage:

Feel free to experiment with the recipe by incorporating other seeds, chocolate chips, or dried fruits to suit your taste. Store these cookies in an airtight container to keep them fresh, enjoying the convenience of a healthy snack ready at any time.


Embrace a healthier snacking option with these easy-to-make, delicious gluten-free cookies. They're a testament to how simple ingredients can create something truly satisfying, without compromising on taste or health. Perfect for sharing, these cookies are sure to become a new favorite in your recipe collection.


Can I substitute the seeds used in this recipe?

Yes, feel free to use sunflower seeds, chia seeds, or flaxseeds as alternatives.

Are these cookies safe for those with nut allergies?

Indeed, this recipe is nut-free and suitable for individuals with nut allergies.

Can I add extra ingredients?

Absolutely, customize your cookies with chocolate chips, raisins, or coconut for added flavor.

How should I store the cookies?

Keep them in an airtight container at room temperature or refrigerate for longer freshness.

Is it possible to freeze the dough or cookies?

Yes, both the dough and baked cookies can be frozen. Thaw before enjoying for optimal taste.

Indulge in the simplicity and delight of baking with these 3-ingredient gluten-free cookies, and let the joy of healthy, flavorful treats light up your day.