4 tips for cleaning tile grout from mold and dirt


Although tiles themselves are relatively easy to clean and can quickly regain their shine, the same cannot be said for grout. In fact, grout can become black, dirty, and even emit unpleasant odors when exposed to moisture. Here are 4 tips for cleaning and maintaining grout using simple, homemade products.

Moisture can cause mold and dirt to accumulate in grout. These not only settle in but ultimately compromise the waterproofing and aesthetics of your tiles, and can even cause significant damage like water leaks. Therefore, it's important to keep them clean.

4 Tips for Cleaning Tile Grout and Removing Mold and Dirt
Recurring mold in your home can cause health problems. Moreover, it tends to accumulate in tile grout. Getting rid of it couldn’t be simpler! These 4 tips will help you clean your grout and restore the shine to your tiles.

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