You only need 4 ingredients, puff pastry sticks with ham and cheese



1 pack of puff pastry from the refrigerated shelf, rectangular

250 g sour cream

120 g smoked ham, diced

150 g cheese, grated


This is how it works: First, roll out the puff pastry and spread half of the sour cream on one half of the dough. Spread half of the diced ham and cheese on top. Fold the unlined side of the puff pastry over the other side.

Spread half of the dough again with the remaining sour cream and add the diced ham and grated cheese on top. Fold the uncoated half of the dough over it.

Now cut the puff pastry into strips. Carefully twist in a spiral and place on a baking tray lined with baking paper. Bake at 190° for about 20 minutes.

Another variant: These sticks also taste very good if you use smoked salmon instead of ham. For this you need approx. 200 g.