You eat grapes all year round | The process that not everyone knows | It's very good!



80 grams of sugar

Two kilos of grapes

Room temperature water, to taste

Preparation Steps:

Wash and De-stem the Grapes: Start by thoroughly washing the grapes and removing them from their stems. Any type of grape can be used based on your preference.

Prepare the Jars: After washing, pat the grapes dry with kitchen paper. Transfer the grapes into jars that have been prepared, sterilized, and dried as needed.

Add Sugar and Water: In each jar, add a spoonful of sugar (about twenty grams) and then pour in room temperature water to fill the jars.

Cooking Process: Seal the jars and place them upside-down in a pot on the stove. Fill the pot halfway with water and heat it over a lively flame until it boils. Once boiling, continue cooking at medium heat for an additional fifteen minutes. After this time, let the grapes rest in the hot water for several hours.

Drying the Jars: Dry the jars with a clean cloth and place them upside-down on a table. Let them rest overnight, for at least eight to ten hours.

Once this process is complete, your grape preserve is ready to enjoy whenever you desire, lasting until the next harvest.

This unique technique is a wonderful way to savor the taste of grapes all year round. Enjoy your handiwork and the delightful flavor of your homemade grape preserve!