Unveiling the Secret of Cabbage Ruffle: A Delightful Turkish Delicacy


Ever curious about the special ingredient that elevates dishes like kebab and lahmacun in Turkey? The answer is the delightful purple cabbage ruffle! This crisp, tangy side dish not only adds a splash of color but also a refreshing crunch, enhancing the rich and savory flavors. I'm excited to share with you this restaurant secret, enabling you to recreate this tantalizing treat right in your kitchen. It's delicious, simple to prepare, and budget-friendly. Let's gather our ingredients and embark on this culinary adventure!

Materials Needed:

1.5 kilos of purple cabbage
1 tablespoon of rock salt (20 grams)
1 glass of apple cider vinegar (200 ml)
Juice of 2 medium lemons

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