Toilet Cleaning: The 5-Star Hotel Method


Ensuring a pristine and orderly household is crucial for many, extending to all house sections, notably the restroom. The toilet demands particular focus. Despite routine sanitation, maintaining a toilet in an immaculate and lustrous state can be tough, mainly due to frequent use and the risk of discoloration. However, there's a straightforward and proficient strategy, modeled after practices in luxury hotels, for achieving an impeccable and gleaming toilet.

The Efficient Cleaning Technique
Addressing toilet cleaning can appear overwhelming, especially with those persistent stains that seem intractable. This is often the case with dark stains on silicone seals. It's essential to treat these stains delicately to prevent silicone damage and leaks.

The luxury hotel technique for toilet sanitation offers an answer. Follow these steps for a spotless and shiny toilet:

Prepare your cleaning tools: a toilet brush, toilet cleaner, vinegar in a spray bottle, a microfiber cloth, and a bowl cleaner.
Coat the interior of the toilet bowl with toilet cleaner, ensuring coverage under the rim and around the waterline.
 Allow the cleaner to sit briefly.

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