There is a button on the oven door: it has a useful function for cleaning


Have you ever noticed a button on your oven door, specifically on its sides? It's not just a random feature - it plays a surprisingly practical role, especially in cleaning. I learned about its utility from my friend Stéphane, a home appliance salesman at Darty. This button is a game-changer for cleaning oven glass easily.

The Oven Door Button:
This secret button is almost magical! Regularly, cleaning an oven involves removing racks and trays, then scrubbing its walls. This is time-consuming, even with the use of baking soda and white vinegar - effective for a very dirty oven. But cleaning the glass gets tricky, and here's where the magic button helps! It allows for easy removal of the oven glass, making it much simpler to clean when it’s heavily soiled.

How to Remove the Oven Door Glass:
The button resembles a small hook located on each side of the glass, near the fixtures. These hooks keep the oven door securely attached to the oven frame. To remove the glass:

Open the oven door fully to access the hooks.
Lift the hooks by pulling them upwards. Use a knife or flat screwdriver if needed.
Raise the door to a 3/4 position without closing it completely, then gently pull the door towards you. Be cautious as the door can be heavy.
Cleaning the Oven Door Glass:
If the glass is very dirty, don't worry! Here are three natural solutions for cleaning the oven door:

Baking Soda and White Vinegar: 

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