The tiny strings on the bananas serve this particular purpose


Ever wondered about those pesky white strings clinging to bananas? These are known as "phloem bundles," and they play a crucial role in the fruit's development. As you peel a banana, these strings often remain attached to the flesh, more stubbornly on less ripe bananas.

Phloem bundles, or "phloem packets," are integral to the banana's growth. They transport nutrients from the leaves to the fruit, ensuring the banana's health and development. Contrary to common practice, these threads are entirely edible and not just a random part of the banana.

Interestingly, scientists note that while phloem is not absolutely essential for banana development, it becomes critical in disease resistance. Given the susceptibility of bananas to various illnesses, breeding disease-resistant varieties is a key focus.

The nutritional benefits of phloem are significant. They are a source of potassium, fiber, vitamin A, and vitamin B6. These nutrients remain in the banana's phloem even after it is picked, making the fruit highly nutritious.

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