The magic trick to cleaning the entire oven with the bowl method: it will sparkle with cleanliness


Step 3: Create a Baking Soda Paste

In the large bowl, mix a generous amount of baking soda with water to create a thick paste. The exact ratio may vary depending on the size of your oven, but aim for a consistency that is easy to spread.

Step 4: Apply the Baking Soda Paste

Using your gloved hands or a sponge, apply the baking soda paste to the interior surfaces of the oven. Focus on areas with stubborn stains and grease buildup. Ensure that the paste covers the entire oven surface, including the walls, floor, and door.

Step 5: Let the Paste Sit Overnight

Allow the baking soda paste to work its magic overnight. This extended period will help break down grime and loosen stubborn residue, making it easier to clean in the next steps.

Step 6: Wipe Away the Baking Soda Paste

The next day, put on your gloves again and dampen a sponge or microfiber cloth with water. Use it to wipe away the dried baking soda paste from the oven surfaces. You’ll notice that the grime comes off effortlessly, revealing a cleaner oven underneath.

Step 7: Remove Lingering Stains with White Vinegar

To tackle any remaining stains or discoloration, fill a spray bottle with white vinegar. Spray the vinegar onto the affected areas and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, wipe away the vinegar and residue with a clean cloth or sponge.

Step 8: Clean the Oven Racks

While the vinegar is working its magic, clean the oven racks separately. Scrub them with a sponge or brush and rinse thoroughly with water. Once they are clean, dry them completely before placing them back into the oven.