Shiny floors without chemicals: Discover the cleaning companies’ secret!


Peppermint oil leaves a refreshing and clean scent.

Lavender oil brings a calming aroma and effective disinfecting qualities.

Mix and Dilute: Stir the solution thoroughly and then dilute it with 5 liters of warm water. This quick mix creates the ideal floor cleaner in just about a minute.

Advantages of This Natural Cleaning Recipe:

Safe and Environmentally Friendly: This homemade cleaner is devoid of harmful chemicals, safeguarding your health and the planet.

User-Friendly: Simply dip a cloth in the solution and mop your floors. It's straightforward and efficient.

Pleasant Fragrance: The essential oils leave a lovely scent that refreshes your entire home.

Extra Tips for Maintaining Dark Floors:

Limit water use to avoid streaks and water spots on dark surfaces.

Sweep or vacuum before mopping to clear away loose dirt.

Opt for a microfiber mop or cloth for gentle, yet effective cleaning.

Embrace this homemade cleaning solution and enjoy immaculate floors that will dazzle any visitor. Ditch the expensive, chemical-based cleaners and welcome a greener, healthier cleaning routine. Try it out and marvel at the incredible results!