Pour a tomato into boiling milk! I won't buy it from the store anymore. Just 3 ingredients.


Boil Milk for 15 Minutes and Add Tomato Juice. In 3 Hours, the Cheese is Ready

The recipe is so simple that even a beginner can handle it: pour tomato juice into boiling milk, wait, and the cheese is almost ready.

Ingredients: 1 liter of store-bought milk, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 200 ml of tomato juice, the same amount of sour cream.

The recipe is straightforward. Pour the milk into a suitable saucepan and place it on the stove. Bring it to a boil, add salt. After half a minute, the milk will boil again; immediately pour in the tomato juice, followed by the sour cream.

Set the heat to medium and stir constantly for 10 minutes. The whey will begin to separate. Turn off the heat and leave it for another 10 minutes.

Gather the curd from the whey with a slotted spoon into a mold. Place a press on top and refrigerate for 3 hours.

Instead of tomato juice, you can add any spices or herbs to the milk. Following the same recipe, you will get different cheeses each time.