Learn how to clean the bottom of pots and pans so they look like new


Maintaining Your Pans:

Avoid Metal Cutlery: Use wooden spoons or spatulas to prevent damage.

Storage: Ideally, hang pans instead of stacking them in cabinets.

Avoid Bleach: It can corrode saucepans and other stainless steel pots.

Coarse Salt: Great for removing burnt stains. Leave in the pan for a few hours or overnight, then scrape away the residue.

These methods are not only effective for pans but can also restore shine to aluminum sinks or other lime-stained surfaces. Remember, the key to longevity for your pans is proper maintenance and care.

Tips from Mujer Actual: Discover additional tips to save your pots and pans and extend their lifespan, just like our grandmothers did!