Just add a drop of lemon to milk – you won’t shop at the store anymore


Just add a drop of lemon to milk – you won’t shop at the store anymore

Combine milk and lemon juice and you no longer need to go to the store to buy it. You will be surprised at the results that can be achieved. Here’s what happens.

Lemon in milk

Maybe you don’t know that making cheese at home is very easy and only requires two ingredients: milk and lemon. With these two ingredients you will have cheese in very little time and, above all, you just need to follow a few steps to achieve the result.

Milk and Lemon

You can even try it right away if you have milk and lemon at home, two ingredients that are usually never missing. So let’s continue below to see all the steps to follow to achieve homemade cheese and finally add another recipe that will delight you even more.

Homemade cheese with milk and lemon

To make your homemade cheese you need milk, preferably fresh from a trusted retailer, otherwise use regular supermarket milk anyway. Pour 1.5 liters into a pan and heat over low heat. At this point the lemon is needed.

Homemade Cheese

Take a lemon, squeeze and strain. Now you can gradually pour the lemon juice into the milk on the stove. Remember to press little by little, turning it over with a wooden spoon. After pouring in all the lemon, turn off the heat and continue stirring.

After mixing for a few minutes, you can filter the mixture obtained using cheesecloth placed in a sieve. Then separate the whey from the resulting cheese. Squeeze well, return the whey to the pan and add two teaspoons of salt.

Result of homemade cheese

At this point, you can add the cheese and let it cook for a few minutes, about 3 minutes is enough. Place a weight on top and after 40 minutes you can remove the cheese from the mold.

Ricotta Recipe with Cheese Whey

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