Is your sofa dirty and stained? Here’s the trick to just clean it thoroughly


Dirt easily gets on sofas during use, especially when they are new to the house. You need to maintain your sofas regularly and act quickly when stains appear. Check out this trick to clean sofas and save money. You need two ingredients, this trick is very simple and effective.

Home solution to clean sofas
First, you need a plastic spray bottle with a volume of about 1 pint. Ingredients for a spray to clean the sofa.

½ glass of liquid soap (preferably from Marseille)
½ glass of vinegar
½ glass of sparkling water
Mix all the ingredients, pour the resulting solution into the container and close tightly.

How to clean the sofa?
Apply this solution to the top of the sofa and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Scrub with a brush in a circular motion. Then remove the foam with a damp cloth. You can dry the couch with a hair dryer. This cleaning tip is quick and effective. You can also clean other items: the carpet and the car seat. When you clean your sofa, you can revive its colors to give it a new look!