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With the challenge of distinguishing between real and adulterated honey, many of us might unknowingly purchase fake honey. To reap the full health benefits of honey, it's crucial to ensure its purity before buying. Fortunately, there are several easy home tests to determine the authenticity of honey. Let's explore these methods to help you identify genuine honey.

Identifying Authentic Honey

Start with a basic yet essential step: always read the label on the honey jar. Manufacturers are required to list any additives or preservatives. Pure honey should not contain artificial substances or added flavors.

Home Tests for Honey Purity: Pure honey possesses unique densities and properties, and its purity can be assessed through various simple tests:

Thumb Test: Dab a small amount of honey on your thumb. Pure honey should stay intact and not spread or drip quickly. If it does, it's likely adulterated.

Water Test: Fill a glass with water and add a bit of honey. Artificial honey dissolves quickly, whereas pure honey sinks and remains intact at the bottom.

Flame Test: 

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