Cockroaches will disappear from your house thanks to this ingredient you have in the refrigerator


Counteract the arrival of cockroaches with this natural ingredient

If all these  precautions are not enough  , it is necessary to find a natural remedy that prevents them from entering the house and starting a family. A natural repellent against cockroaches is a type of vegetable that is always present in the refrigerator, very good and full of properties: we are talking about cucumber.

How to do?

Take a cucumber and a full glass of water.

Cut the cucumber into small pieces or use a blender

Add the pieces to the glass of water and then mix vigorously until you get a cucumber juice.

Strain and pour into the bucket to wash on the floor.

Wash the floor with this cucumber substance.

 Cockroaches hate cucumber juice  because of the pungent, sour smell it gives off. In a short time the cockroaches will leave the house or not enter at all.

To strengthen the  potency of cucumber  , white wine vinegar can also be added to the substance. In addition to disinfecting surfaces, cockroaches will be embraced by this unbearable smell and will flee without looking back.