6 repellent plants that keep rats and mice out of the house


Peppermint: While we enjoy its aroma, rats despise it. Plant peppermint around your house and garden to keep rodents away. It's also effective against various insects.

Chamomile: Not just for tea, chamomile's scent is a potent rodent repellent. Hang dried chamomile in corners or sprinkle it along rodent pathways to deter them.

Cynoglossum officinale (Rat-Dog): As its nickname suggests, this plant is a natural rodent deterrent. Spread boiled branches or plant it around your property to keep rodents away. However, be cautious as it's also toxic to humans.

Fighting Rodents with Biodiversity:

Encouraging natural predators like cats can also help control rodent populations. Remember, a diverse ecosystem is often the best defense against pests.