4 things that happen when you burn bay leaves at home


For those suffering from headaches, bay leaves can be beneficial due to their anti-inflammatory properties, which help combat the problem and alleviate discomfort caused by bad moods. Several studies endorse the use of this plant for treating headaches.

Bay Leaf Infusion

The chemical compounds in the leaves can calm both the body and the mind. Regular use of this plant helps reduce emotional states that lead to discomfort and tension, achieving a state of soothing relaxation.

Recent research by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists has highlighted the presence of the substance Linalool in bay leaves. In large quantities, Linalool can significantly reduce anxiety levels, with effects beginning just 10 minutes after inhaling the vapors.

Bay Leaves for Respiratory Health

Bay leaves are a popular remedy for congested airways and lung diseases. They clear the airways of mucus and phlegm that cause discomfort. In this case, instead of burning them, you can place them in clean water or use the extracted oil as a humidifier.