How to Whiten Clothes That Turn Yellow or Gray Details


Over time, our bed linen, but also our towels and our clothes can turn yellow. But what is this really due to? It’s simple: yellow spots happen because of sweat and our bodily fluids. When sleeping or actively moving, fluids get on textiles. If you don’t react quickly, the stains can become ingrained. But don’t panic: it is possible to restore laundry to its former whiteness, using a few natural products.

1 – Soda crystals
Add 1/2 cup (125 ml) of soda crystals to each wash to make whites whiter and colors more vibrant, while reducing limescale deposits in the machine.

2 – Oxygenated water
Wash laundry or white cotton clothing at 95°C, on a long program, adding hydrogen peroxide to the tank

3 – Marseille soap

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