Hands down, this White Lasagna is our all time favorite in the house!


Reimagine a classic Italian favorite with our Slow Cooker White Lasagna recipe. This dish elevates traditional lasagna, which typically features a tomato-based meat sauce and assorted cheeses, by introducing a luscious alfredo sauce, complemented by a mix of cheeses and tender chicken. Tracing its roots to Ancient Greece, the term 'lasagna' originated from 'laganon', the earliest form of pasta, but the lasagna we savor today is deeply ingrained in Italian culinary traditions. This slow cooker adaptation simplifies preparation, slowly melding flavors over hours for a rich, effortless, and satisfying meal.

Pair your Slow Cooker White Lasagna with a variety of side options to enhance this sumptuous dish. A zesty green salad adds a refreshing contrast to the lasagna's richness, while sides like steamed broccoli or roasted asparagus offer a healthful touch. Kick off a complete Italian meal with garlic bread, olives, or cured meats, and a glass of Pinot Grigio to complement the creamy alfredo sauce.

Recipe Name: Slow Cooker White Lasagna


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