What the noseless girl looks like nowadays

When baby Tessa from Ireland was born, she caught the attention of many. Namely, this sweet baby was born without a nose.

The anomaly was detected while Tessa’s mom was pregnant and the couple was advised to terminate the pregnancy, but neither her mom nor her dad wanted to do something like that. Since the baby was developing inside the womb, they believed there was a chance that she could have a normal life after she was born too.

Tessa’s parents were more than willing to take care of a special child.

Today, Tessa is four years old.

Over the course of the years, she has undergone plenty of surgeries that were meant to help her live a normal life, as much as that is possible.

Sadly, having no nose isn’t the only difficulty this girl faces. She’s also deaf, and recently, she went blind on one of her eyes as a result of a surgery she had undergone.

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