What is Lard and How Can You Use It?


Lard, that traditional fat we often relegate to the dusty shelves of our culinary heritage, is strutting back into the limelight. This rich, flavorful fat isn't a relic of bygone kitchens but a staple with a storied past and a vibrant place in contemporary cooking. If you're ready to explore the world of lard, from its composition to its uses and storage, let's delve in.

What Exactly Is Lard?
Lard is the rendered fat from pigs, most often extracted from the area around the abdomen. To produce lard, the pork fat is slowly melted down, purified, and then allowed to cool and solidify. The rendering process removes impurities, leaving behind a pure, white fat that is both versatile and rich in flavor.

Storing Lard: Refrigeration or Not?

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