There are six risky practises you should never engage in before bed

 We rarely consider how our daily routines, such as our sleeping patterns, may affect our health in the long run.

However, medical professionals in China claim that those who frequently nap during the day, snore, and have irregular sleep patterns may be more susceptible to fatty liver disease, which can result in other health problems like high blood pressure, kidney disease, and diabetes.

Poor sleep can increase the risk of fatty liver disease as well as our mental and physical health by causing feelings of weariness, loss of focus, and demotivation. excellent sleep hygiene, or developing excellent sleeping habits, not only encourages greater rest but also lowers the risk of heart disease and bad mental health.

It can be hard to develop appropriate sleeping habits in the modern environment. To encourage improved sleep quality, there are a few bad sleeping behaviours that we may easily eliminate. These common vices should be avoided.

Sleeping too much:

Researchers at Sun Yatsen University in Gangshao, China discovered that daytime naps that last longer than 30 minutes and snoring both raise the risk of fatty liver disease. It is advised to aim for at least seven to eight hours of sleep each night and to keep a regular sleep routine based on the time you need to wake up.

sleeping at strange times:

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