Jackie Kennedy’s bodyguard rejected her offer of a playdate with their kids, he said she was a “great mom”


Her education began at Miss Chapin's School, where one teacher, Miss Platt, noted her to be both exceptionally artistic and playfully mischievous. Yet, Jackie was no stranger to trouble; a geography class incident led to a notably poor mark in conduct on her report card.

At ten, the fabric of her family changed with her parents' divorce, and her mother's subsequent marriage to Hugh D. Auchincloss brought them closer to the political heartbeat of Washington D.C.

Her academic journey continued as she blossomed at Vassar College and later absorbed culture and language at the Sorbonne in Paris. She finished her studies with a degree from George Washington University in 1951, a year she described with fervent affection, recognizing her own insatiable appetite for knowledge and a burgeoning love for Europe.

Jackie's career began at the Washington Times-Herald, where she was known as the "Inquiring Camera Girl," a role that had her weaving through the streets of Washington D.C., capturing the faces and voices of the day with her camera and pen. It was through her journalistic endeavors that she encountered a young Senator John F. Kennedy at a dinner party in Georgetown. The connection was instantaneous.

Their love story quickly unfolded, and by September 12, 1953, Jackie and John were married in Newport, Rhode Island, soon after which John Kennedy's senatorial and presidential ambitions surged.

Jackie Kennedy

Their journey together was the subject of national fascination, with Jackie ascending to the role of First Lady as her husband took office as the youngest elected president. Her grace, style, and intellect captivated the nation, but her life within the White House remained largely a personal mystery.

Tragedy struck on a November day in 1963 when President Kennedy was assassinated. The nation mourned with Jackie, who faced a future she never anticipated. In time, she would find love again, remarrying and continuing to shape her unique path.

Years later, insights into the private life of Jackie Kennedy would emerge, revealing the woman behind the enigmatic public figure. Clint Hill, her former bodyguard, shared reflections on his time with her, giving a rare glimpse into the day-to-day life of one of the most iconic women of the twentieth century.