How to wash the floors with baking soda and keep them always shiny!


Did you know that baking soda is a hidden gem in home skincare, useful in every corner of your house including the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and even the terrace? It's a powerhouse for degreasing, exfoliating, and neutralizing odors, not to mention its prowess in stain removal and laundry.

But let's focus on a critical area often plagued by dirt: your floors. Constantly trodden by dirty shoes, they demand special care. Today, we're excited to share how you can use baking soda to bring back the shine to your floors!

Daily Floor Cleaning Made Easy

For a home that looks and smells fresh, mopping your floors daily is key. But with so many detergents leaving residues, here's a simpler, more effective solution.

Prepare Your Cleaning Solution:

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