How to make an orchid live without soil? How to keep it in a glass vase?


The timeless allure of orchids in home decoration is undeniable, and their ability to thrive beyond the conventional pot of soil only adds to their charm. For those intrigued by the prospect of a soilless orchid, embracing the technique of water culture might be a delightful endeavor. Let's unravel the mystery of growing an orchid in water.

Exploring Hydroponic Orchids:

Hydroponic cultivation is a method where plants, such as the Phalaenopsis orchid, flourish in water without the need for soil. These orchids, when grown hydroponically, showcase their intricate root systems in a decorative vase, adding an extra dimension of beauty. Kolibri orchids are another type that thrives in this environment, their roots basking in the freedom that mimics their natural habitat.

Growing an Orchid Without Soil:

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