From Flask to Field: Starting Garlic in Water and Moving it to Your Garden


As urban farming trends flourish, city folks are discovering clever ways to turn waste into green wonders. Using a mere plastic bottle, you can embark on an enriching journey of growing garlic - a prized herb for its health benefits and culinary excellence. Here’s a guide to set your garlic sprouts in motion within a plastic bottle, prepping them for their ultimate earthen home.

Gathering the Basics

Before you venture into this eco-friendly gardening initiative, ensure you have:

Organic Garlic Bulbs: Preferably, pick these from local organic sellers to avoid growth-hampering chemicals.
Transparent Plastic Bottle: A cleaned-out soda or mineral water bottle will be ideal.
Water: De-chlorinated water is essential. Leave tap water standing for 24 hours to dispel chlorine.
Nutrient-rich Soil: As your garlic begins sprouting, they'll need hearty soil to thrive in.
Planting Container: This could be a pot or a corner in your balcony garden for the garlic to mature.
Kickstarting Your Garlic’s Growth

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