Dishwashing detergent in the freezer, why you should try it


How to Do It:

Simple Setup: Grab a medium-sized, airtight freezer bag. Fill it just over halfway, but not completely, with your regular dishwashing liquid – roughly around one cup should do.

Add Alcohol: Pour in a cup of alcohol along with the dish soap.

Freeze It: Seal the bag and place it in the freezer. Wait for at least 24 hours to let the magic happen.

The Astonishing Outcome:

So, what’s the big deal about frozen dish soap? It turns out that this quirky combination is not just about keeping things cold. When you mix dishwashing liquid with alcohol and freeze it, the mixture doesn’t solidify completely. Instead, it forms a cold, healing, and flexible pack.

A Handy First-Aid Tool:

This frozen dish soap trick is especially handy for treating minor injuries at home. If you’ve got a sprain, a bruise, or any kind of minor trauma, a cold compress is often recommended. The frozen dish soap bag becomes an ideal solution – it’s soft, malleable, and stays cold for an extended period without being too harsh on the skin.

Lasting Coolness:

Another plus? This frozen mix stays cooler for longer and won’t overheat quickly. It’s a surprisingly efficient and resourceful way to create a reusable, comfortable cold pack.

Try It Yourself:

Embrace this innovative idea that's still a secret to many. It’s one of those hacks that sound too good to be true until you try it yourself. Give it a go and be amazed at how a simple kitchen staple can turn into an essential household tool!