8 ways to use onion at home


Beyond the kitchen, onions have several lesser-known uses:

Rust and Carbon Removal: Onions can clean rust from utensils and remove carbon deposits from pans and grills.

Food Preservation: Salted onion pieces can help preserve leftover onion.

Stain Remover: Onion juice can remove sweat stains from clothes.

Shoe Cleaner: Clean dirt from various shoe types using onions.

Insect Bite Relief: Their antibacterial properties can soothe and heal insect bites.

Sore Throat Remedy: Onion juice mixed with honey can alleviate throat pain.

Oily Skin Treatment: Onion juice can regulate sebaceous glands and disinfect oily skin.

Scalp Care: Onion peel-infused water can be used to treat dandruff and strengthen hair.

Flavor Enhancer: Dried onions can add zest to savory tarts.

However, individuals with diabetes should be cautious with onion consumption due to its blood sugar-lowering effects. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should also moderate their intake.

Discover these onion-based tricks to transform your cooking and household routines, making your life easier and more flavorful!