4 tips for your red anthurium to easily fill with flowers


2. Use liquid fertilizer

For this type of plant, the ideal is to use a  liquid fertilizer  that is balanced with medium strength every two weeks during its growing season, i.e. from spring to autumn, in order to keep it healthy and stimulate flower growth.

Care of red anthuriums

During the winter it is better  to reduce the amount of fertilizer  you immediately put on the mez, because it is the season of lethargy of the red anthurium.

3. Prune every now and then

Try checking your red anthurium every now and then to see if it  has dry or yellowish leaves , so you can remove them so the plant can flower. On the other hand, you must transplant it every year or at most two, so that it grows and prevents its roots from taking root, for this you must be careful that the substrate drains well and that the pot in which you do it is larger than the one in where he was.

4. Take care of the temperature of your red anthurium

The most important thing for your plant is that it is not exposed to cold drafts or extreme temperatures. The ideal is to keep it at a temperature  between 15 and 24°C , if it drops your plant may suffer a  shock  and the flowers may not grow as they should.