Use Salt in the Toilet: Grandma's Infallible Tip


Cleaning the toilet is arguably one of the least enjoyable chores, yet it's crucial for maintaining hygiene and a pristine bathroom. But who says it has to be tedious or expensive? Let's sidestep those pricey, chemical-laden cleaners and go for an affordable, eco-friendly option.

The task is fairly straightforward, and the rewards are evident: a sparkling, hygienic, and pleasantly fragrant toilet. Say goodbye to the days of stains and odors with this homemade solution!

You might be wondering about the key ingredient. It's none other than baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate. Typically associated with baking, this versatile product is an unsung hero in the cleaning department. Gentle enough for most household surfaces, this guide emphasizes its magic in the bathroom.

The only slight trade-off is that it might require a tad more elbow grease than store-bought cleaners. However, think of it as a mini-workout session; perhaps it'll even contribute to your daily 20 minutes of exercise!

Here's What You Need:

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