The magician leaves the person placing the orchid in the post, motivated by non-floral motives.


Watering  : during winter, it is necessary to space out watering. Indeed, the orchid’s water needs differ during this time of year. So don’t hesitate to  water your plant  twice a month, using recycled rainwater, which does not contain limescale and which is, at the same time, at room temperature . Water that is too hot or too cool could cause water shock, which could create stress for the plant. Furthermore, you can also mist the orchid from time to time.

Fertilizer application and repotting  : the latter is recommended during spring, because it is at this time of year that orchids flower. They therefore no longer have new buds. However,  you should only repot an orchid if many roots overflow the pot, or if the substrate is thin . Also be sure to get rid of faded flowers to stimulate the formation of new buds.

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Giovani boccioli di orchidea

During the fall, you will need to follow a daily fertilizer application in spring, fog and radiance. In winter, apply fertilization at the same time to the orchid and spray the fog with a spray of moisture to release the powder .

Please note that these handling instructions will allow you to kill orchids in their best conditions and bloom properly.

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