Put a plastic bag on the broom and say goodbye to the vacuum cleaner and broom


Cleaning Different Floor Types

Each flooring type needs its specific care:

PVC Floor: Use a microfiber mop dampened in a mix of white vinegar and water. You can also use baking soda. Avoid strong agents like black soap or bleach.

Linoleum Floors: Clean with soapy water, adding a dash of white vinegar for shine and degreasing. Ensure your mop isn't too wet to prevent streaks.

Wooden Flooring: Wood and water aren't the best of friends. Wring out your mop thoroughly before cleaning and promptly dry the floor with a cloth. Investing in a quality vacuum can also protect wood from pests.

With this simple sweeping hack, you'll save time and energy, leaving you more moments to enjoy your freshly cleaned home or tackle other chores with zest!