Plants that keep ants, cockroaches and flies away from your home


Insects, such as cockroaches, ants, and flies, have an uncanny ability to infiltrate our homes, despite our best efforts at maintaining cleanliness. Factors like humidity, organic waste, and heat become a welcoming invitation for these uninvited guests, making our dwellings their playground.

Cockroaches, apart from being visibly unappealing, are carriers of bacteria and parasites, potent enough to cause gastrointestinal ailments. They find their breeding heaven in warm, moist spaces littered with food scraps, like our pantries.

Flies too, despite their tiny stature, can be carriers of bacteria. Their penchant for exploring outdoor spaces, including garbage and organic waste, before making a landing in our homes and potentially our food, raises hygienic concerns.

If commercial insecticides have let you down in the battle against these pesky invaders, perhaps it’s time to enlist the help of nature. Here are some plants known for their prowess in keeping cockroaches, ants, and flies at bay, all while ensuring your health isn’t compromised.

Catnip: Often hailed as a phenomenal repellent, catnip is especially potent against flies and also wards off ants and cockroaches.

Garlic: Its robust odor is a potent deterrent for insects, keeping them at a respectable distance.

Basil: A culinary favorite, basil doesn’t just spice up your dishes. Keeping a basil plant at home spells trouble for flies and cockroaches, keeping them away.

Bay Leaves (Laurel): While we might find its scent pleasant, bay leaves are an olfactory nightmare for flies and cockroaches.

Lavender: Beyond its beauty and charming flowers, lavender stands tall as an excellent natural repellent against cockroaches and flies.

Cucumber: Simply place a few slices of cucumber at the entry points favored by cockroaches or ants, and witness its deterrent effect.

Adopting these plants not only enhances the aesthetic and aromatic appeal of your home but also serves as a gentle yet effective means of keeping unwanted insect visitors at bay. So, immerse yourself in the fragrant defense offered by these plants and create an insect-free sanctuary within your home.