I never throw garlic peels in the trash because they are “worth gold”: here’s how to reuse them


Unearth the hidden gems within garlic peels, often dismissed and discarded without a second thought. With a little ingenuity and knowledge, we can harness these "golden" peels, steering towards sustainability while reaping unexpected benefits. Here’s a guide to reshaping your perspective on garlic peels.


Garlic, a culinary staple renowned for its pungent aroma and potent flavor, invariably leaves behind peels that most of us unceremoniously dispose of. Little do we realize that these castoffs hold a plethora of uses waiting to be explored.

A Wealth Within Discards: Utilizing Garlic Peels

Beyond the aromatic cloves of garlic lie peels that are frequently overlooked and discarded. However, a deeper dive reveals that they are surprisingly useful in various aspects, from culinary adventures to home care.

1. A Flavorful Stock:

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