How to fix a broken or stuck zipper in seconds with these tricks


1. Zipper Derailed from its Tracks:

Securely grasp the zipper's tracks using pliers.

With a flathead screwdriver, gently pry open the derailed side just enough to reposition the dislocated tooth.

2. Detached Zipper Pull:

Sometimes, excessive force might leave you holding the detached zipper pull.

To fix this, gently open the section where the pull was attached using a screwdriver.

Then, thread a slim strip of cloth as a makeshift pull.

3. Jammed Zipper:

To make your zipper slide more smoothly, apply a little lip balm or Vaseline.

4. Replacing Missing Teeth:

Slice a Q-tip's plastic part into small sections.

Shape a piece by cutting off one end and creating a slit.

Attach this segment where the tooth is missing to serve as a temporary replacement.

Remember, zippers may have their quirks, but with these tips, you can address most of their common issues with ease.