Here’s what happens when you spill baking soda on your mattress


The mattress, our haven for rest, deserves to be kept pristine. A simple, budget-friendly remedy for maintaining it? Baking soda. Here’s how it rejuvenates your sleeping space:

Why Baking Soda is a Mattress's Best Friend:

Odor Annihilation: Baking soda is famed for erasing unwelcome smells. Whether it's sweat or smoke, a sprinkle of this magic powder helps neutralize the nuisance.

Moisture Management: For those in humid locales or those who tend to sweat, baking soda draws out excess moisture, warding off mold and mildew.

Gentle Revitalization: Beyond its odor and moisture control, baking soda gently cleanses, ridding the mattress of surface dirt and dust.

How to Work the Baking Soda Magic:

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