Fresh parsley for a month with the bowl method: chefs do it


Unlock the secret to everlasting freshness with your parsley using the ingenious bowl method. Delight in the endless waft of fresh parsley – an aroma so captivating, it is often crowned as the pinnacle of culinary scents. Not merely a flavorful addition to your dishes, parsley also boasts a wealth of properties and health benefits. But how can you retain its vivacity even after a month? Culinary experts have unveiled their secret, and here’s how you can do it too.

Ensure Your Parsley Remains Fresh!

Before we delve into the acclaimed bowl method, explore alternative, hassle-free ways to store fresh parsley. For instance, wrap the herb in a moist towel, secure it in an airtight bag, and store it in the fridge – a simple way to maintain its lushness without letting it dry. Furthermore, preserving it in your freezer is also a viable option. Simply wash, dry, and chop the parsley, keeping it ready-to-use at a moment’s notice.

Sliced Parsley - A Frozen Delight

Imagine having instant access to fresh, chopped parsley anytime you need it! Fill an ice tray with your chopped parsley, adding a splash of extra virgin olive oil to each cube to seal in the freshness. Simply freeze and pop out a cube whenever your culinary creations call for it.

The Chef-Approved Bowl Method: Prolonged Freshness

Widely endorsed by chefs, the bowl method ensures your parsley stays fresh for over a month. Begin by washing and thoroughly drying the parsley, and then finely chop it into a bowl. Transfer the contents into a glass jar with an airtight seal, storing it in a cool, dry place – note that refrigeration is not recommended for this method. But wait, there’s an alternative way to store parsley as well.

Fresh Parsley – A New Approach

To ensure optimal water absorption, trim approximately 12mm off the stem ends and ensure the leaves are dry. Position the stems in a glass bowl, filling it ¾ full with water. For refrigeration, simply envelop the bowl with a plastic bag, securing it with an elastic band. This technique is lauded for its ability to maintain the leaf’s moisture, preventing any unwanted drying.

Feel confident with these methods in hand, knowing that the delectable scent and robust flavor of fresh parsley can be at your fingertips, ready to elevate your dishes for weeks to come!