Add a spoonful to the water and water the peace lily. New leaves will appear quickly


The peace lily, scientifically known as Spathiphyllum, stands tall as an emblem of tranquility in indoor plant collections. Native to the warm and humid forests of South America, and also found in certain tropical regions, this green beauty flourishes indoors when tended with a loving hand. If you're looking to see those pristine white blooms unfurl, here's a golden nugget of advice.

While the peace lily, like all plants, thrives with a combination of light and water, its unique attributes demand special care. Even as an indoor plant, it showcases its adaptability, growing contentedly in both well-lit and shaded spots. Nevertheless, regulating the amount of light and shade it receives will help its leaves stay lush and prevent them from drying. Its bloom season peaks between May and October, presenting an exquisite show of flowers.

Caring for Your Peace Lily:

1. Annual Repotting:

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